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ShoppingSpot > Features > Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day Ideas

Career-Minded Moms | Eco-Friendly Moms | Gourmet Moms | Gardening Moms | Decorating Moms | Stressed Moms | Sporty Moms | Tech-Savvy Moms

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and you can do something special for the mothers in your life without even leaving your desk.

If your mother would be happiest with the time-honored custom of flowers and candy, try the sites below for something special. For more specific ideas tailored to a certain "type" of mother, click on one of the links at the top of the page.

    In addition to flowers and candy, this site offers baked goods, gift baskets, stuffed animals and free delivery!

  • 1-800-Flowers
    This popular site allows you to narrow selections by price, color and type of plant or flower. They also sell candy, chocolates, cakes and cookies for the mom with a sweet tooth.

    This site offers a wide variety of bouquets, as well as other gifts like bath sets, candles and sweets. In fact, give your mother a double surprise with a two-day gift of flowers followed by chocolate-covered strawberries.

    This one-stop shop provides endless choices of fresh flowers, as well as anything else you can imagine. Combine a bouquet with a magazine subscription, book, or DVD of her favorite movie or television show.

Career-Minded Moms

  • Target
    Check out all the different types of photo frames and choose a photo of the family that will look great sitting on her desk. The site also sells affordable and colorful desk accessories.

  • momAgenda
    Busy moms need a way to keep track of their day-to-day events and reminders. Help her stay organized with these colorful, chic day planners.

  • eBags
    Let her pick out a new stylish laptop bag, carryall or whatever type of purse strikes her fancy that can hold everything she needs to tote to and from the office.

  • iGo
    Give her an all-in-one charger (or any of the other useful accessories this site offers) for her laptop, phone, iPod, camera and whatever other devices she uses on a daily basis. Whether she is traveling for business or just going to the office, it will be nice for her to have everything ready to use.

Eco-Friendly Moms

    Give an environmentally-friendly gift to the mom who cares about Mother Earth. Check out the recycled glass necklaces, natural soaps and wooden dining utensils.

    This site sells a variety of gifts made from reused, recycled and natural materials.

  • Greenheart Shop
    Unique and thoughtful gifts, including a recycled wine bottle soy candle, recycled aluminum iPhone case and a banana fiber tree jewelry holder.

    Give her the truly green lifestyle she has been wanting with a selection of composting bins, rain barrels, water-saving showerheads and more.

  • The Certified Organic Body Store
    USDA-certified organic body care products from a large variety of high-quality manufacturers.

Gourmet Moms

    Find great deals on this cookbook-only site where you can browse by different food subjects.

    Give the best to the best – this site sells caviar sampler plates, specialty meats, oil and vinegar, gourmet cheeses, desserts and more.

  • Williams-Sonoma
    Any cook swears by this high-quality store for cookware, utensils, electronics and cutlery.

  • Sur Le Table
    Buy fun culinary gadgets and tools for her, or a cooking class offered at one of its many locations.

Gardening Moms

  • Plow & Hearth
    This site features hand tools, wreaths, decorative planters and other items for mothers with a green thumb.

  • Park Seed
    Buy plant, vegetable or flower seeds that she can add to her garden.

  • Blue Stone Garden
    Does she need a new pair of gardening gloves or shears? Go to this site for countless options, as well as a selection of garden seeds.

  • Schedule an outing to a botanical garden.
    Help her find some inspiration for her own outside space by setting up a family visit to your local botanical garden. Most offer free admission, and it may be fun to pack a picnic to bring along.

Decorating Moms

    For a unique way to tell Mom how much you care, say it with a custom photo collage. Instantly arrange hundreds of your own photos into a special shape, such as a heart or the word "LOVE." Then, print your creation onto an object that mom will love best, such as a canvas, blanket, coffee mug or mouse pad.

  • Anthropologie
    This colorful, fun store sells home accessories like glasses and cute themed measuring cups, as well as bedding and furniture.

  • Etsy
    Browse this handmade marketplace full of imaginative and affordable housewares and deal directly with the individual sellers.

  • Pottery Barn
    This automatic go-to for rustic-chic fans is a great source for springtime accessories, like outdoor lanterns, vases and brightly colored pillows.

  • MoMA Store
    The modern mom loves browsing this inventive site that features entertaining lighting options and tabletop and desktop accessories.

Stressed Moms

  • Sephora
    Browse the site for aromatherapy, bath sets, salts and scrubs that will be sure to leave her calm and refreshed.

  • Adagio Teas
    Order her some soothing, exotic tea from this site that will make her want to read and sip all day.

  • Spa Wish
    Discover massages, facials, manicures, seaweed wraps and more. Mom can select any spa and service she desires. The personalized gift card can be redeemed at 4,000 salons nationwide.

  • Spa Finder
    Your mother can redeem DaySpa Gift Certificates at more than 20,000 participating spas worldwide.

Sporty Moms

  • Hugger Mugger (yoga products)
    If she is a yoga lover, go to this site to buy all the essentials, from mats to blocks, as well as extras like bags and workout videos so she can do it from home.

  • Yoga Finder
    This site helps you find yoga classes, events and retreat centers near you. Suggest to pay for a class and let her choose which sounds best for her.

  • Gym Ticket
    If she is not a gym member, use this site to find the perfect gym near her and then offer to pay the first few months or a trial period.

  • Lucy
    Buy a new workout outfit that will make her feel comfortable at this stylish activewear site for women.

Tech-Savvy Moms

  • Apple
    Has she been eyeing some new headphones? Treat her to a new accessory here.

  • Think Geek
    This gadget site has a section specifically for moms, including a wine aerator and window thermometer.

  • Best Buy
    This site is a great source for all the new electronics on the market.

  • Sharper Image
    The physical store may not be around anymore, but you can still buy cool high-tech products online. They have a Mother's Day Gift Idea category, which features a pedicure foot bath, memory foam slippers, juicer and more.

If it's Sunday morning and you're desperate, try Virtual Gifts 4 U, where you can send a virtual gift, virtual flowers or even a virtual holiday - complete with musical accompaniment.

   --- Aynsley Karps

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